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Some Info on Chicago

Chicago, the birthplace of the car radio and the TV remote control, is third in the rankings of the most populous cities in the United States with 2.7 million residents. The “Windy City,” as it is often referred to, has the greatest amount of U.S. highways and still plays host to 50 percent of the country’s railway freight. It also boasts the second-busiest airport in the entire world, O’Hare International Airport.

Chicago was founded in 1837 and almost burned to the ground during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, because the majority of the buildings were made of wood. The city rebuilt itself quickly and became a popular place for immigrants due to the available jobs in factories and plants.

The city’s Home Insurance Building, built in 1884, became the country’s first skyscraper and was demolished in 1931. The city currently holds the record for North America’s highest building; the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) stands at 1,450 feet and is the third-tallest building in the world.

Almost 40 million tourists visit Chicago every year to take advantage of its large and diverse cultural offerings. With almost 500 theaters and art galleries, over 7,000 restaurants and 550 parks, both residents and tourists never feel bored in this city.

Many forget that Chicago’s 26 miles of lakefront serve as a beach to the city. During the warmer months of summer, tourists and residents are often found on the 15 available miles of bathing beaches to catch some sun.

“Chi-Town” has a team in each of the major professional sports leagues. With two baseball teams, a football team “Da Bears,” one of the most successful NBA teams of all time, and hockey, soccer and WNBA teams, this city has a sport for everyone.

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