How to Cope with Fire Damage In Marietta, Georgia

When a home or business has fire damage in Marietta, Georgia, it is essential to call a repair team right away to prevent additional problems. Fire damage in a building is complex because it involves multiple problems such as a smoky odor, burned materials and moisture from the firefighter’s hoses. In addition to all of the interior damage inside a structure, you may need to have a building boarded up because the window glass has exploded or the roof has a hole from the flames. You also can’t delay the repairs after a fire because the moisture from fire sprinklers and hoses degrades the wood flooring and drywall.

A Fire Remediation Company Has the Items Required for a Cleanup

Don’t delay contacting a trained remediation team to make the repairs to your business or home because it is important to begin repairs immediately. The companies that provide fire cleanups and repairs have all of the heavy-duty equipment, cleansers and employees required to begin the remediation process right away. Within only a few hours, the remediation technicians will bring tarps to a property to cover the holes to keep rainwater from entering the structure’s roof. The technicians will put plywood over broken windows and doorways to keep animals and vandals from entering the building.

Technicians Begin to Work Throughout the Building to Eliminate the Fire Damage

It is essential for the remediation technicians to improve the building’s ventilation to remove the smoke odor that will permeate materials such as kitchen cabinets, carpeting and floor tile. Circulating the air also helps to dry wet surfaces to prevent mold growth on visible and invisible areas of the building. In addition to installing circulating fans, the technicians can use ozone machines to remove contamination and odors. While the air inside a building is being cleaned, the remediation crew will also begin to remove moisture and soot from surfaces with specialized extraction and vacuuming devices.

Fire-damaged Materials Are Hauled Away to the Appropriate Landfill

Materials that are beyond repair require removal from the fire-damaged building, and a remediation company understands where to take dangerous items such as melted plastic, burned drywall and charred carpets. In many cases, there are regulations in a particular region concerning the proper disposal of contaminated materials to avoid polluting the air, soil or water. A remediation company will keep its work crew on-site on a 24-hour basis to remove all of the materials that are not repairable. After the soot, water and burned materials are removed, it is possible to begin the repair process to return a building to its previous condition.

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