The Importance of Hiring a Water Damage Company in Marietta GA

If you’re seeking a water damage company in Marietta GA, you have some serious issues to contend with at home. It’s never easy to make the decision to call a water damage company, because it means your home or office is likely facing serious damage and expensive repairs. It’s a stressful situation for any home or business owner, and it’s nothing you want to handle on your own. Water damage is serious business, but it’s what happens when you ignore water damage that causes even more concern for home and business owners. If you have water damage at home, it’s time to call a water damage company in Marietta GA to assess the situation and determine the next steps.

Why is Damage from Water so Dangerous?

Damage from water is serious because it doesn’t go away on its own, and it only gets worse over time. Water damage might seem like water that can be dried, but the longer it sits there the more damage it causes. Standing water and the damage it causes can increase the humidity in your home, it can invite mold spores into the house to grow, and it can cause serious damage in a matter of hours.

Water damage can occur because of a variety of factors.

  • Floods
  • Storm damage
  • Overflowing toilets or showers or sinks
  • Leaks
  • Sewage issues

When water damage occurs, it invites mold spores to grow. Since mold is found in the air everywhere you go, it doesn’t take long to become a problem. When your home is moist and humid, it’s the perfect situation for mold to grow. It’s going to take less than 72 hours for it to form and spread rapidly, and it can have a significantly negative impact on your health.

Can I Do it Myself?

Water damage isn’t something you want to handle on your own. Even the slightest amount of water damage can have a much larger impact on the safety and health of your home. If your toilet leaks for a weekend while you’re away, you might simply assume your home is a little wet and it will dry. You fix the leak, the water stops, and you wait for things to dry out. It’s not that simple. Now water has gone through the baseboards and into the walls. It’s damp inside the walls, and mold is probably already growing.

While not all mold is toxic and deadly, most mold is a health hazard to those who live with asthma, allergies, or other illnesses that diminish the ability of their immune systems to fight off infection. It can cause numerous health issues not easily rectified, and it’s dangerous. This is why you never want to attempt to handle even the smallest amount of water damage on your own. The unseen dangers and issues are some of the worst.

A professional water restoration company is the best route when you have water damage that’s minor or serious. Our professionals respond immediately no matter the time of day. Our water damage restoration company is open for calls 24-hours a day because water damage doesn’t wait to make your life miserable. It begins immediately and only gets worse as time goes on. Now is the time to take care of the issues you’re facing, and we’re here to help no matter the time of day. Getting water damage under control and completely dried out is our priority. Don’t wait for water damage to become worse, because you can’t always see just how much damage has occurred.

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