Preventing Storm Damage in Marietta, Georgia

Anyone who lives in Marietta and other parts of Metro Atlanta can tell you that storm damage is always a potential threat, especially during the springtime. Outbreaks of tornadoes, strong winds, hail, flooding, and thunderstorms can wreak havoc on homes, cars, and businesses. Unfortunately, when mother nature calls, you cannot totally prevent storms from damaging your property, but there are some steps you can take to help minimize the destruction.

1. Trim your trees.

Tree limbs are a major cause of storm damage in Marietta, Georgia and beyond, so be sure to stay on top of any low-hanging or dead limbs. Most trees should be trimmed in winter or early spring, before new growth appears, which allows you to get out there ahead of the worst times for bad weather. Be aware of any tree or limb that might damage your car or vehicle if a strong gust of wind comes along. Don't forget large bushes and shrubs, as well.

2. Fix those leaks.

Do you have a small leak in your roof? Marietta sees, on average, 53 inches of rain per year, which is higher than the US average. You can stick a tarp over it or a bucket under it, but eventually that kind of rainfall will turn your tiny leak into a big problem that can be costly to fix. Go ahead and fix your leaks as soon as you spot them.

3. Secure your outdoor items.

Do you have patio furniture, a grill, or children's toys outdoors? Strong winds can turn these items into hazardous objects that can damage your home, your vehicle, and even you. Consider purchasing items that you can move easily and keeping them in a garage or basement when not in use. Make sure your next grill purchase has wheels so you can get it inside quickly if you have to.

4. Ditch the gravel.

If you use rocks or gravel in your landscaping, you may want to trade them for something more lightweight. Once again, strong winds can blow the heavier objects around so that they dent your vehicles and bust your windows.

5. Know how to shut off your utilities.

Gas, water, and electricity can cause fires, floods, and explosions in the event of a natural disaster. Be sure you and other adult members of your household know how to shut them off in case of an emergency. Keep the numbers to your utility companies stored in your phone in case you do end up with problems like a gas leak, downed electrical lines, or a busted water pipe.

6. Replace your windows and sliding glass doors.

If you live in an older home, you may want to consider replacing the windows, sliding glass doors, and other glass structures. Today, there are many impact-resistant options on the market that help prevent debris from busting into your home. You may also consider adding shutters to your windows.

7. Get an inspection.

Again, if you have an older house, you may want to pay for a quality home inspection. An expert can come into your home and tell you which parts are up to code and which parts are weaker. A home that is up to the most current building codes is less likely to suffer storm damage in Marietta, Georgia.

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