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Water damage can happen to anyone. In fact, it’s the most statistically likely type of damage you will face as a property owner. When you’re fixing damage in your home, you want the peace of mind that you’re working with a team of experts who will address the root of the issue.

Water damage can have many sources– flooding, storm damage, leaks, sewage backups, the list goes on. There are many companies out there that will address the symptoms of the problem. Without ever dealing with the underlying cause, the damage can fester and even cause mold. Structure MEDIC has a proven method to get the job done right the first time.

Water Damage

Our Water Damage Remediation Process

We don’t just handle water damage – we carefully consider every detail to address damage at the root. Following the steps below ensures the highest level of quality in our service.

  • A Call with Our 24/7/365 Emergency Response Team
  • Inspection and Damage Assessment
  • Water Removal/Water Extraction
  • Bio-Washing (Removing contaminants that have infiltrated your dwelling)
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Restoration

This process has helped homeowners like you for over 25 years.

What You Can Expect From Structure MEDIC


We’ve served Atlanta metro for over 25 years. Not only are we staples in the community, but we set the standard for quality. Every Structure MEDIC technician is backed by the Institute of Inspection Certification (IICRC) program – the industry’s leader in education. Each job receives a professional assessment to ensure a quality solution that lasts.

State of the Art Equipment 

Structure MEDIC utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure a quick water extraction and thorough drying-out of your property. We have fully equipped emergency response vehicles that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice, each one stocked with professional dehumidification units, extractors, fans, and all the safety equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Safety First Promise 

When water floods unexpectedly, there can be contamination, slick surfaces, and even electrical hazards. It is important to minimize contact until your Structure MEDIC partners can safely assess the situation. As your water safety experts, we can fix the damage with green solution options that ensure your property is environmentally conscious and compliant.

Seamless Coordination with Your Insurance Provider 

Structure MEDIC has extensive experience working with insurance companies, and we can help you navigate through the red tape. We document every aspect of our work, providing all the pertinent information to file your claim. When Structure MEDIC says that we are a full-service restoration company, we mean it.

Handling the Most Complex Water Damage Homeowners Face

We know that water damage restoration isn’t just about plumbing. That’s why our comprehensive service area handles the most complex water damage issues homeowners face, including:

With combined decades of experience and our ongoing training policy, the team at Structure MEDIC can resolve any water damage incident. Whether you are dealing with a massive flood or a relatively minor plumbing leak, we can help.

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Structure MEDIC provides emergency water removal services in metro Atlanta, 24/7/365. When you need help, Structure MEDIC will be there – with a 100% quality guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does mold from water damage look like?

It tends to appear as small black or white specks. However, sometimes mold grows in hidden areas such as on ceiling tiles or behind wall coverings. Mold is usually accompanied by a musty odor, which means that if it can’t be seen it can usually be smelled.

Q: How much water does it take to cause severe damage to a home?

Even 1 inch of water can damage flooring, furniture and carpet. This is especially true for wooden property. Flood damage to drywall and other structurally important parts of a house is another major concern. Again, even a small amount of water can damage drywall.

Q: What can water damage do to a house?

Water damage may result in structural faults and safety hazards in the home, such as unsound walls and mold growth.

Q: How quickly can mold grow from water damage?

24-48 hours. Mildew and mold will develop within 24-48 hours of water exposure. Even worse, it will continue to grow until steps are taken to eliminate the source of moisture, and effectively deal with the mold problem.

Q: Can mold dry out and die?

Mold does not dry out and die but remains inactive for a while if moisture is not available. This means that it can still grow back and multiply when it is exposed to any sources of moisture. Professional mold remediation and moisture control help to keep mold at bay.

Q: How long does water damage take to show?

Within just a single hour up to a day after your home has been exposed to water, it will begin to cause damage. This is when drywall begins to bulge and break, furniture begins to swell and crack, and metal surfaces begin to tarnish.

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We’re here 24/7 for emergency
disaster restoration.

Water Damage

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  • Water Damage

    Whether you are dealing with a massive flood or a plumbing leak, we can help.

  • Fire Damage

    Every second counts when it comes to mitigating fire, water, and smoke damage. Our experts are here for you.

  • Mold Remediation

    We will not only address the effects of the mold, but locate and remedy the source.

  • Disinfection

    We provide thorough cleaning, decontamination, and disinfection services compassionately.

  • Storm Damage

    Call us after the storm. We use advanced equipment to remove water and restore your home or business.

  • Commercial Services

    Call us after the storm. We use advanced equipment to remove water and restore your home or business.

Ready at a Moment’s Notice

We’re here 24/7 for emergency
disaster restoration.