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Mold remediation must address the effects of the mold and the source of the problem

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Mold Remediation

Identify & Remediate Mold Before It Spreads

A mold infestation is one of the most difficult problems property owners face. Anyone who has forgotten Tupperware in the back of their fridge knows mold can grow anywhere. But it is especially fond of dim places with high humidity.
Unfortunately, the heating and air conditioning systems standard in today’s buildings provide the ideal environment for condensation. When you’ve got condensation, mold is practically inevitable.

But not every moisture problem is caused by HVAC systems. Any time there is excess moisture in a building—especially if it goes untreated—there’s a mold risk. Even a slow leak in the plumbing can provide the right conditions, as can the more obvious culprits, like a burst pipe, cracked seal, or other types of water damage.


Identifying Mold

Once you can see mold, the chance that more exists is quite high. When visible, mold often looks discolored, like green or black speckles or fuzzy growth. You can also detect mold by its musty smell.

Problems arise when mold grows in an enclosed environment—like a building that has been “sealed” to prevent the escape of climate-controlled air. Mold spores can affect the air quality and can be toxic or even fatal in some cases.

Certain types of mold, especially “black mold,” are considered extremely dangerous. The presence in your home should therefore be taken seriously. Exposure to harmful mold can cause headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing, congestion, nosebleeds, throat irritation, and other flu-like symptoms. If you or anyone occupying your property is experiencing these symptoms, contact a healthcare provider without delay. The next step is black mold treatment.

Mold Quick Facts

  • Mold spores exist in almost every environment and may enter your space through doors, AC/heating systems, or even on your clothing.
  • Mold produces allergens that have the potential to cause health issues.
  • All water or moisture sources must be addressed prior to mold remediation to prevent the issue from returning.
  • Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent to keep mold formation at bay.
  • It only takes 48-72 hours for mold to spread throughout a space.

How to Achieve Successful Mold Remediation

To eradicate mold, the remediation process must address the effects of the mold and the source of the problem. Our process accounts for every detail to ensure it doesn’t return. Here’s how we work:

A Call with Our 24/7/365 Emergency Response Team

  1. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  2. Mold Containment
  3. Air Filtration
  4. Removing Mold Contaminated Materials
  5. Cleaning Contents and Belongings
  6. Restoration

Our team understands the science behind mold formation and can quickly assess your problem with as little disruption as possible.

The Structure MEDIC Difference

25+ Years of Experience

Over 25 years of experience means we can offer a solution, no matter how complicated the damage.

All of our mold removal service technicians have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification—the restoration industry’s standard-setting organization. This means that our service technicians have the know-how to locate, assess, and eradicate mold.

Completely Safe Cleaning Products

Our all-green solutions are a completely safe way to remove bacteria and toxins for good.

Resolve the Root of the Problem

A lot of companies will address the symptoms without ever dealing with the underlying cause. There is little point in removing the mold without addressing why there is excess humidity in your environment. Our mold remediation services address the root of the problem to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Help You Navigate Insurance & Cut Through Red Tape

Dealing with the red tape surrounding insurance claims is rarely easy. Most insurance policies handle the cost of water damage mitigation, but they will require the policyholder to take action that prevents further damage—like mold that inevitably follows.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience working alongside insurance companies. We document every aspect of our work, providing all the information for your claim. When Structure MEDIC says that we are a full-service restoration company, we mean it. No other restoration company works this hard to ensure that your property makes a full recovery.

No Other Company Offers Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

Structure MEDIC doesn’t only handle mold infestation. We tackle the most challenging problems in the industry, including:

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Ready at a Moment’s Notice

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Ready at a Moment’s Notice

We’re here 24/7 for emergency
disaster restoration.