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Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Flooded Church - Water Damage Costs

Whether it’s from a flood or a leaky faucet, water damage can be a big hit to the components of your home, not to mention your wallet. Because water damage repairs are a two-part process – cleaning up and restoration – there are many ways your budget can blow up.

With clean-up, the water is actually removed. Your space will also be dried out and all the immediate damage will be addressed. The structural repairs follow. During these, a contractor will make sure your walls, wiring, and various other fixtures and fittings in the area are replaced. In more serious water damage cases, this is where you’ll see the costs start to rise. 

Here’s how those costs can quickly inflate.

Overall Cost

Generally speaking, water damage restoration will cost you between $1,500 to $4,500. However, for more extreme cases the total cost can expand far beyond that range to $15,000. That being said, often homeowners insurance will pay some portion of the cost.

The average cost per square foot is $3.75 to $7.00. That breaks down like this:

  • 1 sq ft = $3.75 – $7.00
  • 10 sq ft = $37.75 – $70
  • 100 sq ft = $375 – $700
  • 500 sq ft = $1,875 – $3,500
  • 1000 sq ft = $3,750 – $7,000

Of course, these numbers actually depend on the type of water causing the damage. There are three main types of water that could cause damage to your home:

  • Clean Water: This is water that would be safe for drinking. It could come from places like leaking faucets. For these types of water damages, you can plan on paying somewhere in the lower end of the price range.
  • Grey Water: While grey water is generally clean, it might have things like detergents and other contaminants in it. It might be the water you use to wash dishes or clothes. For this type of water damage, plan on spending in the middle of the price range.
  • Black Water: Black water is the most contaminated type of water. It has toxic materials or materials that have the potential to cause serious harm to you, like sewage. This type of water damage will land you on the high end of the price range.
Water damage restoration cost - Structure MEDIC

Costs for water damage restorations can also be broken down room by room. Depending on where the damage is, you could end up paying more:

Roof$350 to $1400Leaks from missing shingles
Ice dams.
Poor runoff from a low sloping roof
Ceiling$325 to $1100Burst pipe
Basement$800 to $85,000Burst pipes
Flooding from outside
Sewage backups
Drywall$275 to $785Structurally unsound
Floors$200 to $500Damage to subfloors
Bathroom Fixtures$150 to $350Damage due to clogging
Damage due to freezing

To best estimate your costs to repair water damage, take into account the type of water causing the damage, the roof where it is, and the size of the area. This should give you a general idea of what to expect when you call water damage restoration contractors for their bids.

Break Down the Price

Many homeowners balk at the steep prices to fix water damage. By breaking down what contributes to the price, it’s easy to see where the cost will grow.


Labor is one of the biggest contributors to the size of your bill. However many workers are tasked with your water damage and how long they work will determine how much labor truly impacts your final costs. Expect somewhere between $70 to $200 per hour.

Call-Out Fee

You would only have to pay a call-out fee if your water damage is deemed an emergency. This covers the cost to have professionals come out immediately to fix the damage. It’s usually going to cost you between $50 to $100.

Portable Pump Rental

For those homeowners who want to DIY some of the water damage restoration, factoring in a portable pump rental is important. Plan on spending between $120 and $350. This is assuming you can also rent the hose that you will need to attach to it. You can actually save between $50 and $100 by using your own garden hose, though this will be a slower process, meaning more chance of damage to your floors and walls.


To remove water from your walls, a dehumidifier is crucial. For about $200 per week from a hardware store, you can rent a dehumidifier that will help dry out the drywall, plaster, and structure of your walls. For an industrial dehumidifier, you’ll need to plan on about $1000 per week.

Classes of Damage

Along with there being a difference in water types causing the damage, there are different classes of damage, meaning the severity of the damage. Depending on the class of damage you’re facing, you could pay more.

Class of DamageCostExplanation
Class 1Less than $200Involves small levels of cleaning
Usually only involves clean water
Examples: leak in a sink pipe, overflowing sink resulting in wet carpet
Can usually be a DIY fix
Usually requires minimal professional involvement
Class 2$500 to $1000Usually an entire room is affected
Includes damage to walls to a height of 12 inches
Involves bigger damage like water in the structure of your walls
Typically requires additional materials to resolve
Class 3$1000 to $3000Usually moisture coming through the ceiling
Involves the saturation of the ceiling, walls, and floors
Requires serious professional help
Professionals should address the flooding and any structural damage 
Class 4$2000 to $10,000Most severe
Usually the result of a natural disaster
Water will have saturated into materials that don’t generally absorb water quickly
Price depends on how quickly you address the damage

By assessing the damage, you can guess what level of damage it is and have a better idea of the amount you should budget for restoration.

Types of Damage

Within the severity of your damage, there are certain types of damage that can help you identify how much your water damage restoration will likely cost.

Cosmetic Damage

If you’re facing cosmetic damage, you’re in luck. It’s the cheapest and easiest to repair. Typically this would present as things like stained or discolored ceilings, tarnished metal, and damaged furniture. With this type of damage, the cosmetics of your home are affected, not the structure, meaning simple repairs are needed and can often be done by the homeowner.

Structural Damage

For structural damage, you’ll be looking at the destruction of things like drywall and plaster, warping floors, or a sagging ceiling. These damages impact the structural integrity and safety of your home and need to be addressed quickly.

Some examples of structural damage costs are:

  •  Replacing Drywall = $1.40 per square foot
  •  Plaster Walls = $6.25 to $18.75 per square foot
  •  Hardwood Floors = $10.45 per square foot

Generally speaking, if you have structural damage, you should budget for at least $500 to $1000 depending on the scope of the damage.

Mold and Bacterial Damage

These are extremely common when you have water damage. The presence of moisture is the perfect growing condition for mold, some of which can have a seriously negative impact on your health. Remediation usually costs around $5.00 per square foot.

Appliance and Electrical Damage

If water damage has affected your appliances or any electrical components of your home,  you will likely need to replace the pieces. Those prices can range depending on the quality of the replacements you choose.

Some averages for commonly-affected appliances are:

  • Washers and Dryers = $500 to $2000
  • Furnaces = $2000 to $4000
  • Hot Water Tanks = $500 to $2500

You can save money in this area by choosing less expensive replacements.

Damage to Personal Items

Sadly, some damage to personal items will be priceless. Things like heirlooms and photo albums are impossible to replace and can be devastating to lose. The quantifiable objects, however, like TVs, computers, and linens can usually be replaced for between $500 to $1000.

Additional Services

Along with the general clean-up of the water causing damage to your home, there are additional services that will increase the total price you pay.

Here are some common services you might find yourself paying for:

  • Replacing carpets = $4.75 to $5.50 per square foot
  • Replacing and Refinishing Hardwoods = $10.45 per square foot
  • Replacing Drywall = $1.40 per square foot
  • Replacing Plaster Walls = $6.25 to $18.75 per square foot
  • Mold Remediation = $5.00 per square foot

How To Save Money

While the cost of your water damage restoration can feel overwhelming, there are some things you can do to cut down the cost.

Call Your Insurance Company

Many homeowners don’t realize that some damage restoration companies will call the insurance company to handle that burden for them. For example, Structure MEDIC will assess the damage first, document it, and help you navigate the insurance “red tape.” Whether you have homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or flood insurance, your policy may cover at least a portion of the restoration, saving you money out of your pocket.

Prevention Is Best

Ultimately, the best way to save money on your water damage restoration is to avoid it in the first place. Buy flood insurance, especially if you live in an area prone to floods. As you live in your home throughout the years, be sure to have your plumbing checked and replace any old pipes. If you notice a problem, have it fixed before it becomes a major issue and you could save yourself thousands of dollars.

Call the Professionals

Depending on the severity and type of damage in your home, it’s possible do some DIY projects to restore your home after water damage, especially if the damage is mostly cosmetic. These types of projects simply require some quality cleaning products and hard work.

However, for any serious water damage, it’s always best to call in professionals. That would include any damage from black water or structural damage. Structure MEDIC provides complimentary onsite quotes for water damage and mold remediation, and we have a proven method to get the job right the first time. Contact us today, and we will be ready at a moment’s notice. 

Author: Keefer
Published: July 28, 2021

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