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We provide safe and effective building disinfection so your business can confidently return to normal operations.

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How to Properly Disinfect

Failing to properly disinfect your building could lead to re-infection further harming your business’ future. Your business is your livelihood – don’t let COVID-19 cost you another day of business lost. Failing to properly disinfect your office building, school, or business will mean longer closures, health risks, and uncomfortable patrons. Regain your customer and employee’s confidence with our thorough, tested, and certified disinfection services.

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Structure MEDIC will Restore Your Business to a Clean, Healthy Environment for your Customers and Guests

  • Receive a COVID-19 Certified Clean Certificate Leveraging more than thirty years of experience developing best practice decontamination and disinfection protocols, our COVID-19 Response Team offers unparalleled service in planning for and deploying effective protection against this viral threat. Our certification provess involves an Industrial Hygienist running lab test and providing documentation that your business is safe for customers or guests to return to.
  • 60-Day Virus Protection GuaranteeThe virus can survive on hard surfaces for anywhere between 9 hours and 5 days, yet many decontamination companies can only offer a 24-48 hour guarantee.
  • Safe, Green Cleaning SolutionOur cleaners contain botanicals, alcohol, and detergents for effective surface cleaning.

COVID-19 Decontamination Service Levels

If you have any reason to suspect COVID-19 contamination, please call us (678) 403-8251 for a quote. We will happily come to visit your commercial location to evaluate your building and unique disinfection needs in order to provide you with a fast and accurate quote.

Level 1: Precautionary

Level one protection is for businesses with no known contamination seeking to maintain safe and sanitary environments for customers and employees. Daily or twice-daily disinfection is conducted by ATI’s team of trained and experienced biohazard clean up technicians, using EPA registered cleaners, including PerVasive Noroxycdiff and PreVasive Botanical Cleaner – BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner), in addition to proper disposal of waste. Treatments can be performed during off-hours to avoid business interruption.

Level 2: Possible Exposure

Business or public spaces with suspected exposure (an infected person inside the building) require detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep-clean decontamination performed by ATI’s team of EHS (environment, health and safety)-certified biohazard cleanup technicians specially qualified for respiratory cleanup.

Level 3: Confirmed Exposure

Businesses or public spaces with confirmed exposure to COVID-19 require customized protocols specific to the site to ensure thorough and proper decontamination; ATI will work with client teams to develop a custom plan. All levels employ the following methods as appropriate:

  • EPA-registered cleaners, including PreVasive Botanical Cleaner – BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) and PreVasive Noroxycdiff Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection
  • Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) mist fogger
  • Donning and doffing of personal protection equipment (PPE), including respiratory protection Disposal of waste marked as biohazard
  • Decontamination team health monitoring

Commercial Businesses We Disinfect

Businesses we are able to disinfect include, but are not limited to:

  • Private and Public Schools/Educational Buildings
  • Religious Buildings
  • Funeral Homes
  • Office Complexes & Medical Offices
  • Malls and Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Government Buildings

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Our Service Area Includes:

We proudly serve the following counties throughout the state of Georgia:

  • Bartow
  • Forsyth
  • Cherokee
  • Fulton
  • Cobb
  • Gilmer
  • Coweta
  • Gwinnett
  • Dawson
  • Hall
  • Dekalb
  • Lumpkin
  • Douglas
  • Paulding
  • Fayette
  • Pickens
  • Floyd
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Ready at a Moment’s Notice

We’re here 24/7 for emergency
disaster restoration.